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Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Financial independence is a lifetime goal, especially during retirement. No one wants to run out of money. A poll of 44-75 year olds substantiated this concern. More than 61% of those polled said they fear depleting their assets more than they fear dying. (Allianz Life Insurance poll, 2010)

Fear doesn’t have to be part of your financial future! A smart strategy will enable you to generate lifetime income, save for retirement (without waking up in the middle of the night worrying about market risk), and implement plans for leaving money for your family or charity. Annuities can be an excellent tool for meeting your future needs and for helping to cover long term care requirements. Annuities are contracts with insurance companies and vary in structure, market risk and financial returns.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

I will help you:

  • Navigate and Negotiate. As a trained specialist, I will work with you to construct an annuity contract that will best meet your needs and optimize your future earnings. Each type of annuity varies regarding its surrender value, tax implications, terms, annuization, and penalty fees for withdrawal. I will help you choose the best type of annuity that will meet your specific goals and needs. With plans in place to secure your future income, you don’t have to worry about depleting your assets.

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