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Why Would I Consider Travel Medical Insurance?

Do You Enjoy Travel?
Are YOU prepared for the WHAT IF’S?

travelThere are a multitude of reasons to obtain travel insurance before you purchase your new swimsuit or make arrangements for someone to water your plants while you are gone!

I like to call these the

What if you are about to go away and a hurricane strikes or another natural disaster! How will you recoup the monies spent on flights, hotel and other arrangements you might have made?

What if you were in Tokyo and had a stroke?

What if you had an accident in Australia, broke your back and the hospital wouldn’t let you go home unless you had a medical transport back home?

Your trip to a foreign country can be abruptly halted if the US State Department deems the area too “unsafe”. Before you know it, your trip is sidelined!

What if you became suddenly ill and couldn’t take the trip to Africa that you had planned for years and paid thousands of dollars in advance?

And…what if you are on a cruise in the middle of the ocean and have a massive heart attack?

Consider these additional facts:

  • Many countries have nationalized healthcare and you would think they would just pay for everything, right? Well, for some minor things, yes. But for major issues, not so much. Many countries won’t even let you out of the country until you pay the medical bill. One of our clients paid hundreds of thousands of dollars when his mother had a major heart attack in Japan.
  • If you are on a cruise in international waters, your US health insurance will not cover the medical costs. Cruise ships have limited medical equipment and personnel. What could that bill cost to have you air lifted to the nearest hospital and then back home?
  • What if you have a medical emergency in a country where you don’t speak the language? Can you imagine the confusion on top of being ill?

Ask yourself…why shoulder the risk yourself when travel insurance is so affordable? Check out quotes on the next tab.

We can’t prevent natural disasters, health issues, government edicts, thieves from stealing, or airline / cruise ship cancellations.

But, we can help you regain your monies in the event of such circumstances through a solid travel or medical insurance policy.

Let us help put your mind at ease when it comes to insuring your travel investment is protected, even if your wallet is stolen abroad or you eat some bad sushi!

How about 24 hour, 7 days/week translation services? It sure would make you feel a bit better when someone on the phone can translate all those confusing medical conversations, right?

And if you have a major medical issue, would you like a family member to be with you? Most medical travel plans will fly your loved one to your international location to be with you and travel back home with you!

Foreign Travel Insurance Quotes

Check out quotes (and apply) with the foreign travel plan our clients LOVE:

GeoBlue— Medical Insurance including medical transport back home

Allianz — Trip Interruption Insurance with a little medical thrown in for good measure


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