Do you LOVE your Doctor at UCLA Health?  Are you on Oscar Health Plan?  Can you imagine going through a serious medical issue, going to your Doctor’s appointment next year only to find out they are not in-network and you have to choose another Doctor?  That’s what will happen if you don’t act soon!  There are BIG changes for 2020 and you must check to see if your Doctor will be in-network next year and take action.

Oscar will have two distinct networks: Circle and Select. Are your Docs in-network on your plan next year?  To check:

Go to:

Follow the prompts and enter your Doctors name/zip code

–Oscar ‘Circle’ network (available off-exchange for individuals & families on BRONZE and SILVER ONLY and small employer groups) – UCLA WILL be in-network.

–New Oscar ‘Select’ network (available ON-exchange for individuals & families) – UCLA will NOT be in-network.

Individual Plan Open Enrollment starts on Oct 15th! If you want to keep UCLA, you will have to be OFF of CoveredCA and NOT receive help with your premium. We can help figure all this out for you! Call us at 323.455.4961 or go to

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